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Showcase, is a  World Class, multi-award winning, diverse knowledge resource portal curated to make learning accessible and affordable. All content curated are checked and verified before we put it in our portal. You have access to thousands of quality online courses, thousands of videos and millions of e-books and journals.

It’s a one-stop platform where users can learn new things - up-skill, re-skill or multi-skill to future proof and to build up abilities to stay relevant in their careers.

We are recognized by The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the ASEAN Business Advisory Council for being a Responsible and Inclusive Business and having a proven Capacity Building Support Platform. We were 1 among 15 companies selected within the ASEAN region.

Normal Price : USD90 per person/year

Suitable for Youths, Working Adults, Entrepreneurs, Unemployed Graduates, People in between Jobs, Retirees and anyone who loves learning !

In Malaysia, Companies who contribute to HRDF and purchase for their workforce may get their reimbursement from HRDF.

Take Control of Your Learning and Future-proof Yourself!
Take Control of Your Learning and Future-proof Yourself!